The constitutional responsibilities of Utah’s lieutenant governor are general in nature, with no broad grant of any kind of authority. This is due to the fact that their lieutenant governor, with the creation of the office in 1975, assumed the statutory duties of Utah’s secretary of state, which are, as will be seen in another, future post, rather detailed.

Article 7, Section 14 of the Utah Constitution are where the three specific duties of Utah’s lieutenant governor can be found. This area was added to Utah Constitution in 1980, and have remained unchanged since then. They are:

  1. serve on all boards and commissions in lieu of the Governor whenever so designated by the Governor;
  2. perform such duties as may be delegated by the Governor; and
  3. perform other duties as may be provided by statute.

A cursory glance at these duties would leave one with the impression that Utah’s lieutenant governor is a very weak office. But, as noted above, the powers in this office are very detailed when Utah statutes are assessed.

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